Learn timeless techniques for creating an arrangement that will keep your listeners hanging on the edge of their seat!

Utilize our excellent microphones and learn all the studio secrets for getting the best sound from your artists and musicians!

Get that professional sound and quality using some of the best software in the industry today. Learn to mix just like the pros!

Take your talents even further in our recording studio or by stepping up on the stage and rocking out!

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Bethlehem Sound is an independent record label, recording studio, and production company, run entirely by student artists and engineers from Liberty High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. These students have completed coursework in Music Production and Audio Engineering, and actively contribute to the growth and excellence of our program. Also included are members of our after-school Music Production Club. This site was created to help connect our educational program with the community we serve, and to promote excellence in education and music creation everywhere. Bethlehem Sound seeks to collaborate with music organizations in the Lehigh Valley, to provide an even more broad and relevant experience to our students. The Music Production Program at Liberty High School is a career-based program, in conjunction with our Communications Pathway.

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Our studio is a fully functional recording facility and music production suite. We have 12 student stations, each with their own iMac computer, Korg synthesizer/midi controller, audio interface, personal monitoring headphones, and professional audio editing software. We are equipped for any sound engineering application, including multi-track recording, voice-over, ensemble recording, foley recording, film scoring, and live sound installations.

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Studio Main Desk
Recording Drums
Vocal Recording Booth
Rack Gear 1
Students Performing
Rack Gear 2
Studio Drum Set
QU32 Mixer
Front Door
Stereo Mic Shootout
Miking the Guitar Amp
Mixing in Logic
Shooting the Video
Miking a Bass
In the Booth
Art Wall


Student Work

Our exhibition of student work includes original compositions and arrangements as well as recordings of classic songs performed and recorded entirely by students in our music production class and after-school club.


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Liberty High School

Bethlehem School District

1115 Linden St.

Bethlehem, Pa 18018


Tel: 610-691-7200 x50623

Our studio is open 5 days a week:


Monday - Friday 7:30am - 2:30pm


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